WORSHIP THROUGH MUSIC: The purpose of the Music Ministry at Third Street is to lead the church to worship through music and to provide the congregation with a meaningful worship and musical experience. It is always our goal to glorify God through our music as well as foster a personal growth in faith as Christian musicians. We work to provide musical education for children, youth and adults, enabling them to serve the church and glorify God with their talents through worship. Our Music Ministry is open to the whole church by providing a large variety of musical offerings such as Children's Choir, ensembles, solo opportunities and Praise Band.

You are invited to join us on a journey of faith, worship and praise. Together we can experience comfort, encouragement and communicate the eternal truth of God's Word as we glorify our Lord through music. We welcome people who have a love of music and a willingness to commit to a vital and dedicated music program. For more information on our Music Ministry opportunities, contact Bro. Chris Riddle at chris@thirdstreetbaptistchurch.org.

WORSHIP THROUGH DRAMA: We are currently in the process of building our Drama Ministry. We know that there are many people that God has blessed with talents that can be used in the Drama Ministry, and we are praying that those followers would have the opportunity to put those talents on display in worship in the near future. There are many opportunities for someone who is interested in participating to get involved in the building of this new ministry. If you are interested in helping and/or participating, please contact Dino Ochello at dino@thirdstreetbaptist.org.




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