WHO WE ARE: We are imperfect hypocrites who have been called by a perfect God to love the world around us and bring others with us to a saving grace that we don't deserve, can't fathom, and can't live without.

WHAT WE ARE: We are the church!!! We are a body of believers who have been called to UNASHAMEDLY Love God and Love People. As a ministry we strive to be more than a group that meets weekly and goes out for pizza. We will fellowship, have fun, and eat lots of pizza . . . but all without neglecting what our Heavenly Father has called us to do and what we as a ministry are devoted to doing.

WHY WE MEET: Romans 1:16 says, "I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes." From that passage we get our charge and passion for why we are here. It's not about a cool motto or putting a name on a shirt. Why are we here? Why do we call ourselves a "ministry"? Because we are striving to live lives that are UNASHAMED of the gospel and it's message because it, and it alone, has a REAL power to save people from a REAL hell.

Wednesday Evenings @ 6:15 pm
Sunday School @ 9:45 am
Sunday Service @ 11:00 am
Sunday Night Service @ 6:00 pm

WHERE WE MEET: We meet in the Gym of the Gary Turner Family Life Center, across from the main Third Street Church building.


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